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... delicious family recipes European style

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  Gourmet European Foods as cooked by European families 

The Gourmet recipes that you will find on this site are based on authentic culinary traditions from the heart of Europe. am a Romanian native with an enriched family tree spanning across several European countries, such as France, Austria, Greece, and Poland.

 Our family cosmopolitan heritage has reflected strongly in our culinary traditions which highlight influences from all over Europe. Europeans are known to enjoy good food and good company! They do not rush through meals and instead make them an important part of their social life. With the modern busy life schedule, an early dinner becomes an important family time, when families have a chance to sit together, enjoy a warm meal, and discuss about their day.

What makes a food gourmet?

There is no exact definition for gourmet food. It could be that the gourmet recipes used have a special unique spice or ingredient. It could be that it is a unique special recipe for a special occasion. Most of the time, a gourmet food is special because it is simply delicious.

 Gourmet recipes for everyday meals... 

The European recipes we publish on this site are delicious choices for that special family dinner. Try something different than your usual recipe repertoire! We all know how it is to be a busy mom, rushing home after work and in a hurry to finish dinner… Some of our recipes can be ready in less than 30 minutes.

... and European recipes for that special occasion.

 Special meal menus are at the center of celebrations for Europeans. Celebrations such as Christmas, or Easter call for an overabundance of food with high variety and refinement. Special desserts are made and there is usually an unofficial culinary calendar for each family that contains the traditional dishes and desserts associated with the specific event. I remember as a kid I was always anticipating at Christmas time our unique Flaperettes recipe, choux a la crème, walnut panettone and our unique mini walnut horns recipes. These aromas filling the air, the cooking preparations, the festive decoration of the house and Christmas dinner table, together with our traditional caroling and of course the Christmas gifts, were all an intrinsic part of my magical Christmas experience.

This website is all about the joy of cooking and about the  joy of spending quality time with your family! Our recipes come from our family repertoire and were tested and cooked in our family. We do not cut and paste recipes!

Be sure to browse several of our recipes, and try a few.! I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised! Come join in the fun and start cooking European recipes now!

We are continuously updating the website adding new recipes on a weekly basis. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit frequently. Also be sure to check our new Kitchen Store which features traditional European appetizers and desserts, as well as various cool kitchen tools, appliances and gadgets that make life in the kitchen so much more easy and enjoyable!

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The Gourmet recipes that you will find on this site are based on authentic culinary traditions from the heart of Europe.