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Valentine's Day Recipes - Celebrate Valentine's Day European Style

Are you planning for a special dinner this Valentine's day? How about celebrating it European style? Bring  the flavors of Europe on your dinner table tonight!  Nothing can be more elegant and romantic than a classy French dessert!

On this site, you can find a variety of gourmet meal ideas with recipes originating from several countries in Europe, including  easy French recipes. Here we give some suggestions on what would be the perfect dessert for a Valentine's day dinner, and also we give some valentine dinner menu ideas.

Recipes for Valentine's Day  -  Valentine's  Day  Dessert  ideas

What is the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day? The perfect dessert should be elegant, romantic and light!  Nobody can enjoy a romantic evening with an overly full stomach!  Also, the valentine dessert recipes used should be easy enough so you will not celebrate Valentine' s day in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Cherry filled candy truffles -  chocolate candies are definitely a traditional gift for Valentine 's Day.  Try these homemade cocoa candies filled with maraschino cherries - truly gourmet and easy to make. 
  • Creme caramel - known in America as a flan dessert, it is a very elegant and delicious dessert of French origin. I make it in the form of a heart for this special occasion. 
  • Meringues - another type of home made candies, that are a very elegant treat. I usually make meringues with chopped walnuts for Valentine's Day. 
  • Shortbread Linzer cookies  - one of my favorite cookies! So elegant and gourmet! I am cutting these shortbread Linzer cookies in heart shapes for the Valentine's Day. 
  • Strawberry mousse: A very elegant and light dessert: french and gourmet.


Valentines Day Menu Ideas

Elegant, but not too heavy! Here are some suggestions for your Valentine's day dinner.

Sample menu I - lacto-ovo-vegetarian

Sample menu II

Sample menu III - kids friendly menu

I hope you will enjoy these recipes and I wish you a Happy Valentine 's Day and a very successful dinner!