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Traditional Romanian Recipes

What makes romanian food recipes so special?

Romanian Food

Looking at the romanian history, this land was always  at the confluence of roads between east and west, and always in the way of various conquerors.

As this little country was fighting for independence, it was occupied throughout history, first by Romans, giving birth to a Latin nation, and then subsequently by Turks, and by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  Romanians also had pronounced cultural influences from other European countries such as France, Poland and Russia. Between world war I and world war II, Bucharest, the capital of Romania was called "Little Paris", and the influence of France's culture was at its peak, for language, culture and food.

The result of these mixed cultural influences has also strongly reflected on the romanian traditional food. You can say that the romanian food recipes were selected as the best among all cultures, or at least that is what romanians like to believe. Being born and raised in Romania, I grew up with these traditional foods and I have learned to cook them myself for my family. I invite you dear reader to immerse into the romanian food culture and enjoy some wonderful authentic romanian dishes.

Here is a collection of the most traditional and famous romanian recipes.

Romanian Recipes - most traditional dishes 

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Traditional Romanian Food: Appetizers

Romanian Soups

Traditional Romanian Food: Main dishes

Classic Romanian Desserts

The above romanian recipes are representative as the most famous romanian traditional food, but there are tons of other traditional romanian recipes that are cooked day by day by romanians. For a more comprehensive collection of recipes for romanian food,  please check our easy appetizer recipes, our quick and easy dinner ideas, and our light desserts recipes. Also do not forget to check our special Romanian easter recipes.