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... delicious family recipes European style

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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes and 30 Minute Dinners from the Heart of Europe

Ready for a special family dinner tonight but not a lot of time to prepare? Try something new with these original European recipes. As a native from Europe, born and raised in Romania, but with a family tree expanding across several other countries, such as Germany, Austria, Poland, France  and Greece, our family culinary repertoire is quite diverse and strongly European.

Quick and Easy dinners - European Style

Our culinary family tradition was to not spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the food, but rather spend more time at the dinner table enjoying the food and bonding with the family. Our quick and easy dinner recipes are easy enough to make so your kids can participate too! My kids loved to stuff the peppers to make the stuffed peppers recipe. And for the really busy work days, our 30 minutes dinners  will be  every mom's favorite cooking repertoire!

 So, get ready and enjoy! Choose what to cook for dinner tonight.

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes: 30 Minute Dinners

Have you ever wondered what to cook for dinner tonight? Want 30 minute dinners?

If you would like something different and special, here is a collection of European recipes for dinner that are ready in about 30 minutes or less.

  • wiener schnitzel - the original german/austrian recipe served  with a side of potatoes and sauerkraut
  • special European dinner sauces - make a new dish in minutes with various flavors:
  1. olive sauce,
  2. lemon sauce
  3. garlic sauce
  4. dill sauce
 This sauces are great to make in conjunction with chicken or beef soup (use the meat and vegetables with the sauce for the second course), or a great solution to get a yummy dinner from leftover meat.
  • chicken liver recipes - a classic recipes of fried chicken liver with garlic, and some secret recipes with onions, scrambled eggs and vegetables
  • veal liver recipe - a truly gourmet dish for a special dinner
  • spinach recipes - two cooked spinach recipes, for different taste buds. Do you like more sweet dishes or a more tangy flavor?
  • potato stew recipes - easy to cook and delicious, plus everybody has potatoes in their pantry!
  • salmon recipes - some delicious healthy recipes for grilled and baked salmon.
  • okra recipes - delicious stew recipe with a vegetarian or a meat option.
  • breaded lamb loin chops - similar with the wiener schnitzel in preparation, but with a special taste given by the tender lamb.

What to cook for dinner: More European Recipes for Easy Dinner

  • potatoes au gratin  - a delicious french recipe that is easy to make and is sure to impress your family and guests.
  • cauliflower au gratin - another french dish, with baked cauliflower covered in breadcrumbs and sour cream. Yum!
  • stuffed peppers - a romanian recipe,  with red or orange peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground meat and boiled with a sauce with onions and tomato paste.
  • beef soup with semolina dumplings - an original romanian recipe with austrian origin: the beef meat can be used for a second course with your choice of sauce dips.
  • chicken soup - a yummy recipe, very easy to make.
  • sour meatball soup - an authentic romanian recipe, a sour soup with meatballs and vegetables.