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Light Desserts -Gourmet European Recipes for

Low Calorie Desserts

Are you thinking of gourmet desserts as being heavy desserts? Well, think again...

Light Desserta - European RecipesWhile on special occasions, we can indulge with a more sumptuous dessert, our everyday sweet joy can be quite light!

A traditional European dinner consists of three courses: soup or appetizer, main meal and a dessert. Light desserts based on low calorie desserts recipes are customary for everyday family dinners, and some of the light desserts we publish on this page, are very sophisticated and suitable for that very special occasion.

If you are like me, watching your figure, but enjoying the occasional sweet treat, you are sure to appreciate these low calorie desserts. And... you can surprise your guests and your family with an easy to make, elegant and mouth watering dessert.

Our recipes are all natural, no sugar substitutes, no fillers, no artificial coloring. Just go easy on the sugar and use low fat milk products. I use 2% milk myself. It is a good trade off between taste and calories. Also, keep in mind that calories are important, but they are just half of the story! Healthy, natural ingredients, are good for your body. If you are not allergic to nuts, consider eating desserts that contain walnuts. Although walnuts are more calorie rich, they have a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your body and brain.

More good news for the chocolate lovers: dark chocolate is good for you! Recent research has shown that dark chocolate, (not milk chocolate) that contains at least 70% cocoa, contains powerful antioxidants that help protect your body from the damaging effects of free radicals, and reduce blood pressure. Avoid combining it with milk though ,as milk will reduce the body's capability to assimilate the antioxidants. And remember: enjoy in moderation!

So are you ready to select a delicious recipe for light desserts? Here are some of our family favorites.

Low calorie Desserts - Delicious Light Desserts Recipes

  • chocolate dipped strawberries - a healthy gourmet dessert that is ready in minutes (119 calories per serving - 2 large strawberries) 
  • strawberry mousse - a refreshing replacement for ice cream - creamy and light (45 calories per serving) 
  • meringues - the classic french meringues recipe (47 calories per serving)
  • fruit salad - a healthy dessert with a touch of wine and whipped cream (60 calories per serving)
  • pandispan - a classic light cake (70 calories per serving)
  • fruit cakes - a refreshing light treat with a very light pandispan cake and fruits on top. (88 calories per serving)
  • King's sweet bread - another version of pandispan cake but with nuts, dried fruits or chocolate chips. (87 calories per serving)
  • cherry filled cocoa candy - a very elegant treat - a low calorie dessert for small serving sizes (135 calories per serving - 1 candy)
  • flan (creme caramel) - a recipe of french origin, absolutely delicious (161 calories per serving) - you can further reduce the calories by using fat free milk.
  • apple pie squares - a recipe of german origin (a bit rich in fat, but with good vitamin A, C  and iron content - 171 calories per serving)
  • walnut cake - a light cake form egg whites only with chopped walnuts inside. (172 calories per serving)
  • sweet cheese dumplings with sour cream - a delicious everyday dessert with with sweet cheese and semolina flour - served warm (203 calories per serving) - you can further reduce the calories by using fat free cheese and slightly smaller servings.

I have computed the calories for all the recipes above using a Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer website. You should try it too. It is a fun and useful tool. Enjoy the desserts!


Do you have a favorite light desserts recipe? Why not share it with us?

Maybe it is a European recipe, or maybe it comes from a different continent. We would love to try new delicious recipes and learn about other international culinary traditions! Share your recipe with us and have your own recipe page on our website.

Share your favorite low calorie dessert recipe here!


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