Gourmet European Recipes

... delicious family recipes European style

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Gourmet Desserts - European recipes

Do you have a special event planned and not sure what dessert   to make? Or maybe you are just in the mood yourself for gourmet desserts? You have certainly come to the right place, as this web  page  presents an ever growing collection of both famous and also less known gourmet European dessert recipes.. Are you looking to make a classic dessert that everybody is raving about?

Gourmet Dessert recipes

 How about trying our Napoleon (Mille-feuille) recipe, creme caramel, choux a la creme (creme puffs), or maybe Linzer cookies? There are many delicious recipes to choose from.

Or maybe you would like to surprise your guests with something very original and delicious. In this case, we strongly suggest to try our unique mini walnut horns recipe, or our unique Flapperettes recipe.

Our family recipe collection has gourmet dessert recipes originating from various European cultures, such as romanian, french, greek and german/austrian.

Weather you are going for classic or unique gourmet recipes, I am  confident you will find a gourmet dessert recipe in our repertoire that will amaze your guests and family. And best of all: our recipes are easy to make so you do not have to spend all day in the kitchen. So, get ready, and enjoy!

Gourmet Dessert Recipes - European style

Apple Pie Squares - a recipe with German/Austrian origin
Apple Strudel - an easy to make original Austrian recipe
Chocolate dipped strawberries - a healthy gourmet dessert that is ready in minutes
Napoleon  (Mille-feuille) - recipe of French origin
Creme Caramel (Flan) - recipe of French origin
 Flapperettes - recipe of Austrian origin
Shortbread Linzer Cookies - recipe of Austrian origin

Cherry filled cocoa truffles - recipe of Romanian origin
Mini walnut horns - recipe of Austrian origin
Choux a la creme (Cream Puffs) - French origin
Meringues - recipe of French origin

Walnut filled panettone - recipe of Romanian origin