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Easy French Recipes - gourmet recipes that you can make at home

French dishes are well renowned in the world of gourmet cooks!  Desserts such as creme caramel, crepes, or choux a la creme are well known and appreciated by people world wide. Despite all the elegance and sophistication of a french meal and dessert, some french recipes are really easy to make. Keep the gourmet and lose all the preparation fuss!  Amaze your guests with little effort!

On this site, we post a collection of recipes with french origin that has been enjoyed in our family for generations. I was born and raised in Romania, at a time when the french influence on romanian's culture, fashion and food was still very strong. When my mother grew up, the romanian capital was called "Little Paris", and the french culture had a strong influence on the romanian culture, which was also reflected in food traditions. Many of the classic french dessert recipes were extremely popular in Romania, and they still are today.

Learn here how to make at home french dessert recipes and some delicious meals too. 

Easy French Recipes for the home cook

Easy french desserts

Easy french recipes - meals