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Easter Recipes - A celebration of Spring

Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year! Aside from the religious meaning, Easter also means family spending more time together, and celebrating the rebirth of nature through their culinary choices.  A traditional European family Easter meal consists of only "new foods". As we all now, the tender lamb meat is at the center of the culinary feast, together with all new herbs and cheeses that are just ready for spring.

A traditional Easter appetizer will of course have at its center the Easter colored eggs, together with "new" feta cheese (unaged), and served with fresh salami and scallions, green garlic and fresh radishes. And also, do not forget the traditional romanian appetizer "drob" which is specific for Easter time. 

To top it all, after a rich meal based on lamb meat, romanians serve a delicious dessert named Pasca, which is a sweet cheese filled panettone served only at Easter time. Sometimes it is also accompanied by the classic romanian walnut filled panettone.

These culinary traditions are an integral part of a family cultural heritage. It is not Easter, without our traditional dishes! My joy is to share my culinary heritage with you dear reader. Are you ready to immerse into the joy of Easter cooking? Are you excited to try something new, or are you looking to revive some of your old family traditions? 

Let's get started: How many ways can you cook lamb?

 How to cook lamb - lamb recipes for Easter

There are a variety of ways you can enjoy lamb for the Easter Holiday. Most of the recipes  that we are presenting on this page are Romanian traditional recipes for Easter. Are you heading for a picnic, or having a barbecue party to enjoy the nice weather? The easiest way to cook lamb is to grill it.

Or maybe you would like to prepare a more festive roast lamb?

Do you like your lamb with a tangy flavor? Then try our lamb with lemon sauce recipe. Or if you just want to celebrate the richness of young herbs in the spring, try our lamb stew (stufat) or our lamb sour soup

Finally, if you would like to experiment with the German/Austrian culinary traditions, you should absolutely try our breaded lamb loin chops recipe which I inherited from my Austrian side of my family.

Traditional  Easter recipes