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I am a grandma who loves to cook for her family!

I was born and raised in Romania, but my mom was half Austrian, half Polish, and my father was Greek. I was raised in a mostly Germanic/Austrian food culture, and as I grew older and I had my own family I have further received culinary influences from the Romanian (Transylvanian), German and French side of my husband's  family. I have created my own cooking traditions combining what I thought was best from all these cultures mixed in my family tree.

I have always loved to cook and especially I love the light on my granddaughters' little faces when I make a special dessert. As much as I love to cook, I do not like to spend all day in the kitchen so most of my recipes are easy to make.
I have created this website to share my joy of cooking and our European culinary traditions. As an  archaeologist of profession (now retired), I have always treasured the importance of historical roots. As I recently moved to live with my family in America, I keep our European traditions alive by preserving the language, the food and our holiday customs.

I would like to share all these with you dear reader. Welcome to my web site!

Please try a few of our recipes and come back often for more delicious ideas for dinner, appetizers or desserts.

Bon Appetit!